Goodbye WordPress…

Dearest WordPress,

Things are just not working out as we planned.  We tried, but it’s not working because we are just not that into you.


Our new blog is up and running, follow our goings on there.

So long WordPress.



Oh boy did we cause a stir! ;)

Helloo everyone!  Lets just say that if we dont blog lots we are super busy.. hehe!

This weekend we exhibited our stuff at the Heritage Bridal show.  This has been our third year and I think our most organised year forsure.

We had our brand new portfolio book out, showcasing our latest weddings.  On saturday, I said to Damien, lets test the market and see what kind of a reaction we get from these pics below.  First off, this was not the bridal couple’s idea, we have a suspicion that they didnt really like the pics, but we LOVE them for the fact that they allowed us to get a couple of crazy shots for our portfolio.  We had a couple of minutes spare after our creative shoot, and it just so happened that we had some masks lying around as well.  We asked them to pretty please put the masks on, which they did gladly and we snapped away.  I LOVE these pictures.  We had no hidden concept that we tried to convey here, it was just MAD doing what we do best, pushing the envelope.  


So.  Tell us what you think??  Any comments are welcome, we heard them all over the bridal show.  One lady told Damien that the picture is revolting and her daughter would never have images like that, so feel free to tell all!

To everyone that supported us at the show, MAD love guys, MAD LOVE.  Thank you so much.

Damien will be back with a post on his club photography, it will be a cooooool read!

Have a great week everyone!

MAD love.

Our favourite Ixopians. Simone and Gary’s engagement shoot.

In September 2010, we set out early one morning (I cant stand early.  If it is true what they say about the early bird, I have never caught the early bird.  Haven’t seen him, I think its a hoax) to do an engagement shoot for Simone and Gary. Gary and Damien have been friends for a long time and when I met them, I got super excited.  A dream of a couple for MAD photography.

Simone, a graphic designer at the time, and Gary, a muso and IT guy, lived in Glenwood with their two awesome cats, Woodstock and Nina.

To break the ice at our first meeting, we chatted about movies and series and we soon realised that we had a LOT in common.  We exchanged lists and dvds of stuff to watch and only waaay later decided that a conceptualised shoot, Alice in Wonderland style, would do.  They also looooove Tim Burton, as do I, and gave us one of the best documentaries EVER to watch, Anvil, the story of Anvil.  If you havent seen it and you think your life is bad, please do yourself a favour and watch it.  While we watched the movie, I have never wanted anyone to succeed so much as Anvil.

Anyways, we set out, with two assistants, Piotr and Jade, with lots of coffee and snacks, and LOTS of props.  We headed out to the haunted house again, (oooo we loved that location back then..hehe!) and started shooting.  Soon we were fighting briiight sunlight and we tried our best to get what we needed.

The first scene we set up was a casual picnic, with Simone dressed in clothes she bought from a second hand store (as far as I can remember??) and lots of retro props they carted all the way from their parents.

These two are an amazing couple though.  Last year they decided to go and live out on a Buddhist Retreat out in Ixopo.  No more corporate life, just peace.. and the BIIIIG Buddha!  I really admire you guys for it, big move for big change.  Love it.

Check out their shoot:

I will share some of Gary and Simone’s wedding soon!  Damien will be doing his first blogpost soon as well, so check in for that soon.

mad love x.

Our first {wedding} shoot. Bethy and Mike ALMOST got married… :)

On a great overcast morning with a bit of drizzle, we headed off to the haunted house just outside Ballito to get some wedding shots.  Our first proper wedding shots.  Beth and Mike were instrumental, they were prepared to do the mock wedding shoot to help a whole lot of people out.  The wedding dress was by Corine from Bougilais Couture, wanting pics of her dress.  Michelle did Beth and Mike’s make up, she also wanted copies of the pics.  So with this ONE shoot, a lot of people were helped to build their portfolio.  *insert lots of bow down smilies here*  We are UBER thankful to Beth and Mike, guys you rock.  We heard a little birdie chirping about the real deal soon???  We wouldnt miss it for the world!

I remember that we were pretty nervous, but soooo keen just to get it done, so that we could have something to show in our portfolio.  We pulled out all the stops, but it was pretty easy, cause Beth and Mike are in love.  In loooooove people, no jokes.  We asked them to kiss in the stairwell of the haunted house, and told Mike to slide his hand up Beth’s leg, and make it HOT.  Well.  It was HOT. VERY HOT.  You know when you see a couple kissing and you have to eventually look away cause youre feeling flushed?? Like that.  It was an awesome shoot.

When I look at these pics, I feel proud, but also want to re edit, make it better, you know.. We were so excited after this shoot, we felt like rock stars!  I post these pics as we edited them way back when.  If I had to edit them now, a LOT of things would change.  But its good to look back upon your work and seeing progress.


mad love.

YAY for blogging! :)

We are VERY excited to start blogging!  Mel here today everyone and HEEELLLOOOOOO!!!

On this blog we will share a bit more about us, about our shoots and what we love to do.  Its a job in motion, I am still finding my way around our new little baby blog, but it will become something bigger and better soon.

Before we got our butts into gear and started this blog, we would talk about WHAT we would blog about for hours.  A lot.  And truly, we thought we had a lot to say.  Now that the blog is here, I am a bit at a loss for words, so I will try my best to let our photos speak for themselves.

Just a bit about me, I am Mel, one part of MAD Photography.  I have an 8 year old daughter, Savannah.  I LOVE taking pictures.  It has been a passion of mine since primary school and I am lucky to still be able to do it now.

Damien and I live in Pinetown, (aka Crimetown) in Durban, South Africa.  I love it here, Africa runs deep in my blood and I am proud to live in  a beautiful country like this, even with all its flaws.

We have recently rebranded our logo, we are VERY proud of our new logo and will be busy redesigning our website soon too.

I will upload some images soon of our work, so stay tuned !

mad love.